Program guest: Ivan Sidorok, NMGK Board Member and Board Chairman of Enactus Russia


– Diana Berlin, columnist and Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

– Victor Dobrosotsky, PhD in Economics and Head of Public Administration and Law department at MGIMO (University run by Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Supporting student entrepreneurship is crucial for the country’s economy,  according to Ivan Sidorok, Board of Directors Chairman of Enactus Russia. One of the best tools to support youth entrepreneurship is holding competitions at universities.

“The most effective way to work with corporate departments is to cultivate your own aims and tasks, this is why corporations hold student entrepreneur, art, and philanthropy competitions at universities. Students form university teams demonstrate their quality of work to the companies. And then, based on this, the company has the opportunity to hire these students, who have a much higher likelihood to become highly specialized than if the company just hires university graduates,” Sidorok explained.

There are various international student entrepreneurial programs. One of them is the international program Enactus, which is focused on improving people’s quality of life and living standards.

“Presently, the organization is made up of 36 countries, with more than 1,600 universities, including 150 in Russia. We hold student entrepreneur competitions, where students organize projects designed to make the world a better place and to solve local problems. We have a really great project on collecting and recycling plastic waste. The students came up with the idea of plastic recycling containers that have real-time tracking capabilities, and can signal when the container is full and needs to be picked up. There are also educational projects. Students, for example, help farmers integrate modern agricultural technologies that increase agricultural yield four-fold. But the most important idea is for these problems to be addressed by a lot of people. This means, that there is a market for such an idea,” said Sidorok.