Anchor: This year, at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, over 2500 people, from 90 countries have gathered to discuss the future. At the same time, on the sidelines of the WEF, representatives of several corporations have met to discuss topics that are important to them. Our reporter interviewed Russian entrepreneurs. Let’s hear to what they have to say about globalisation and potential trade and economic partnership with China.

Reporter: This café was jointly produced developed in Davos with Russian companies from many spheres of business, and carries the name Russia House. The products and services offered here, are produced in Russia and have their own ambitious business plan. A representative of one such company, working in the food sector, is Ivan Sidorok. His company is already planning to expand to China and will soon establish itself in Shanghai.

Ivan Sidorok:“I can say that we feel very positive, that we’re going to build a hub where Chinese talented people can introduce their startups all over the world and other people from other countries can bring their potential startups to China”.

Reporter: We interviewed the CEO of the largest e-commerce company. European trade partnership was also in doubt, due to certain changes in Russia’s official policy.

Kostygin: “We see that it’s changing and Russian government more and more becoming kind of controlling this cross boarder trades, we are introducing VAT and other exercises, taxes and limiting threshold for tax free, packages to be sent, and so, we think it’s possible that Chinese companies will start moving kind of onshore in Russia.”