Online sales of our brand new King Claw are launching in the UK

I’ve got great news from King Claw – the potted king Kamchatka crab product is launching online sales in the UK, via its own online store

Meanwhile we are speaking to distributors and planning a massive rollout in stores and artisan fish stalls alike. The mastermind behind King Claw is chef and entrepreneur Andrey Ryvkine, who has headed the process in Mabius, our culinary startup centre. We began investing last year and the launch is run by London’s Grocery Accelerator.

The start of sales coincides with our presence at the IFE in London, one of the most well-known and respected food exhibitions in the world, running between 19-21 March, where we will feature a stand and a tasting.

King Claw of Kamchatka.

Apart from his majesty King Claw of Kamchatka, we will also show our culinary tour to the region, to make sure that guests that are returning for a second and third tasting, as is usually the case, get a true feel of the home of one of the most exclusive shell fish in the world.

Last summer, Andrey Ryvkine took part in this private expedition, organized by Helipro, pros in heliskiing, with support from Snow Valley – a local skiing area. In 7 days, he covered 1500 kilometers by chopper, and delivered unbelievable shots, including video material, of some of the most famous volcanoes, accompanied by Maksim Balahovski and Heli Pro production. During his trip, Andrey learned about the crab and future producers.

King Claw has high chances to become the main seafood delicacy.

Andrey’s idea to make a new product for the British market is not spontaneous. The crab has the potential to become a flagship product – Kamchatka Crab is not represented in the restaurant scene. Considering how the product was received by Londoners, King Claw has high chances for success and to become the main seafood delicacy, taking the lobster spot which by now has become an everyday product – essentially like chicken.

King Claw featured extensively at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair in September 2016.

Interest was confirmed in the first two British exhibitions, which Ryvkine took part in. King Claw featured extensively at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair in September 2016 – the main showcase of the world’s artisan products.

The Mabius team at the London Speciality & Fine Food Fair: Artem Kashehlebov, Denis Smykin, Ivan Sidorok, Andrey Ryvkin.

On the third day of the Fair, visitors realized that the King Claw stand features something interesting and people began to bring colleagues and friends to try the Russian seafood delicacy.

Many had no idea what they were eating, never having seen such a creature before… A previously unknown type of lobster, an overgrown prawn, or a langoustine that mutated in the harsh conditions of Kamchatka.

The potage from crab claws was an absolute hit. It reminds the Brits of their own potage shrimps that are oil cooked and pressed.

The format is familiar, but a gentle, discerning symphony plays on the palette.

The feedback was tremendous from world renowned and established retailers and restaurateurs, as well as London’s most well known delicacy outlets
In 3 days 20 kg of king crab was consumed!

I wish Andrey, and our crab the best of luck!

Consequently, in October Andrey Ryvkine presented King Claw at Omnivore – on a mission to see if King Claw preserves would be interesting for restaurants and chefs. This is now a fact – the product proved a success.

Now, the British consumers have their say. It was decided to start sales of the crab claw potage. 150 g units will cost 15 pounds in the online store.
I wish Andrey, and our crab the best of luck!

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