Hey hey everybody! During the fall 2017, we have received over a hundred of applications from all across Europe from our potential participant of the first season of the food start up show Meallions. Using the IT system of evaluation of projects made by Mabius, we have selected 15 participants for our YouTube reality show. Filming of the first 8 episodes has begun in Riga in the beginning of February. Let’s introduce our courageous participants, who have stepped into the battle for $100000 and are now competing to get into the semifinal by completing different tasks set by the mentors from all over the world.

Sabrina Brooks, London, United Kingdom

In April 2017, Sabrina found herself in a problematic situation, as she had to leave her job due to an illness as well as to take medicine that was incompatible with alcohol. So, how was she meant to go out with her friends then? Well, she discovered couple of places in London where you could get non-alcoholic cocktails, but the selection was limited, and they were just full of added sugar, that is famous for being drastically damaging for health. Sabrina decided to take the power into her own hands by creating a healthy alternative to the alcoholic drinks. Her project is called Peel&Spice, that offers alcohol-free drinks made of the organic herbs, citron and spices.

Nish Modasia, London, United Kingdom

En Root, a project of a British-Indian Nish Modasia, is a food truck that travels around London and beyond its boundaries. Nish cooks 100% vegan food, a fusion of the Indian cuisine with the influences of the South American and Caribbean recipes. He often works at the stall himself, dancing to rhythms of salsa and reggae, recalling the days when he lived in Venezuela and French Guiana. His home-cooked sauce Raja Bonnet has become hugely popular in the farmers’ shops in Southern London.

Egle Karpaviciute, Kaunas, Latvia

A graduate of the Vilnius Technological University, Egle speaks four languages and is one of the owners of a small company, that produces healthy sweets Skanu Nu. The entrepreneurship is in Egle’s blood, as every member of her family runs a business. She launched her company without any savings or loans, investing only her passion, time and creativity.

Anna Brauna,Riga, Latvia

Anna is a graduate of a business school and she is currently an executive of El Machete, a street food café network. When she was a child, she often helped her granny with making jams and baking; since then, Anna had a passion for cooking. One of her major strengths as a manager is that she can always find solutions without panicking or stressing out.

Andrey Gorelov, Krasnodar, Russia

Andrey is an experienced journalist, which helps him to run his own PR and marketing. He interviewed the Russian national football team’s couch, Fabio Capello, and football player Andrey Arshavin; he also participated in the Russian bodybuilding championship. Since he gets the needs of the athletes and the nuances of a healthy diet, Andrey decided to put this knowledge into practice by creating low-calorie sugar free deserts, JulyFit.

Vita Kirillina, Moscow, Russia

Although Vita is already an owner of a family photo studio FamilyFoto and Yoni Yoga studio, her life was lacking good quality sweets. To be fair, not her life, but her daughter’s – the organic sweets didn’t taste that good for a child and the usual ones didn’t fit Vita’s concept of a healthy diet. The compromise was found – Vita has launched LO-LI natural caramel & superfoods project, in which she got rid of gluten and the artificial flavorings while adding the organic berries and making it attractive to children.

Ulyana Sidorova, Moscow, Russia

Ulyana’s CV is not limited to being a teaching engineer – 15 years ago she had launched an online pharmacy and then sold it three years afterwards. For 12 years, she worked as an arbitration manager, and after that she became interested into the production of emulsified fruits and created light deserts, Espuma, made of berries and containing only 40 kcal per 100 grams.

Kirill Tsibizov, Moscow, Russia

Kirill is a consultant of Bain & Company. He came up with Shhh Sweets – a hand-made desert with soft jelly texture, containing real alcoholic drinks as well as fruit juices and spices. This idea came to Kirill while he was staying with some US students, who put gummy bears into alcohol and eat them afterwards. As a result, he has created a new way of consuming alcohol!

Alexander Fetisov, Moscow, Russia

Graduate pediatrician and professional basketball player, Alexander went into business straight after studying. Beginning with selling the flowers from Peru, he soon switched to eco-products and superfoods. He is a cofounder of Products of XXII Century, that imports Latin American chia and quinoa, that are so popular with the skinny girls of the capital.

Pavel Kondratov, Moscow, Russia

With background in marketing and basketball, Pavel is now very keen on cross-fit. He loves hiking and thinking about new ideas on the way. He came to Riga with couple of ideas about healthy eating products.

Ruslan Nazimov

Ruslan is a co-founder of Super Mango project, that delivers around 10 types of these tropical fruits to the homes of its true connoisseurs. The plan is to continue providing new experiences for true mango lovers, such as a line of mango shakes, mango corners in shopping malls and, perhaps, even a mango drink to be sold in mass retail.

Denis Chapkovskis, Riga, Latvia

Denis is a high-profile and ambitious chef. He spends most of his time at Cote de Azur, where he cooks for the private clients. His favorite gastronomical styles are Mediterranean and Asian. He is a social bird and he knows how to do that right. Denis is always driven by his passion – he sets his own goals and then eagerly develops ways of achieving them as quickly as possible.

Dawn Wilson, London, United Kingdom

Dawn spend her childhood at Jamaica, surrounded by gigantic juice presses for the cane juice, that is available everywhere both for the locals and tourists. After deciding to familiarize England with this tropical taste, Dawn destroyed two highly expensive juice presses, though finding eventually a way to squeeze the cane juice. But she was not destroyed herself though and went on to create a machine for the industrial-scale production of this precious juice, The Cane Press; she has also developed a technology for cold pressing, that provides a juice suitable for even the most selective raw foodies. Dawn recommends trying to mix her product with chia seeds and lemon juice as she believes the taste to be just perfect. Dawn keeps up to her aim of popularizing the cane in all its shapes and forms as she is now developing the popcorn bars with cane syrup.

Victor Shterengartz, Moscow, Russia

Victor found his destiny right after he’d graduated from school. He went to the Moscow Nutrition University and now is developing Namia project. It is a convenient and healthy snack that can be added to a yoghurt or a juice. This start up has already gone through PepsiCo LAB accelerator that was operated by the center for food startups Mabius. Victor continues to develop his entrepreneurial skills and has been successful in his attempt to join the show.

Philippe Coen, Riga, Latvia

Philippe, the entrepreneur of the French origin, owns a company, Tentations de France, in Riga. It specializes on importing the frozen components for bread and pastry to the hotels, restaurants and supermarkets across the Baltic region. Philippe also opened a French boulangerie and is planning to create a network of them as well as selling the franchise for the cafes in the CIS and Asia.