Camera, action: filming of Meallions in Riga

Just around a month ago, from the beginning of February until the 5th of March, we have been filming the first 8 episodes of the Meallions Show in Latvia. We chose a fancy loft in a used-to-be boiler house as our filming location. The participants would arrive every morning to the location in the specially Meallions-branded cars and never knew what was going to happen.

All 15 participants admitted, that apart from boosting their entrepreneurial skills in this battle-like atmosphere, under the cameras and with a strict limitation of time, it was also a very emotional and overwhelming experience – a true psychological theater. In each episode, one or two participants would have to leave the competition, so that by the time of the semifinal there were only four left.

Apart from the constantly present mentors of the show – including myself, the general producer of Meallions, Sergey Efremenko, the ex-editor-in-chief of the Rolling Stone magazine and a famous radio anchor and head of the Mabius center Andrey Kiselev – experts from the food industry are often invited.

We have been filming the first 8 episodes of the Meallions Show in Latvia.

What’s coming next? Well, four semifinalists (whose name we keep in secret before we release all 8 episodes from Riga) will have to work hard for 3 months, mastering their product as a part of the pre-acceleration program that was designed by Meallions specifically for this matter. They will be preparing to the final challenge – test market in Singapore – that also happens to be the battlefield for the desired prize of $100000. During the program of acceleration, two episodes will be filmed in England and the US. The finale’s date will be released in the end of March.

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