Sidorok Capital focuses on impact investment jointly with its partners and principal Mr Ivan Sidorok.
Based in the EU and Singapore yet with a global footprint Sidorok Capital develops projects spaning over the EU and the CIS.
Our investment strategy is focused on FMCG companies that demonstrate traction and growth in a sustainable manner, on startups that have validated their ideas and in capable and promising teams. Through business network insights into sectors of growth and their specifics, Sidorok Capital leverages a diverse startup and investment portfolio.

The Mabius Culinary Startup Centre was founded by Ivan Sidorok in 2014, as a global network of accelerators and is headed by international chef Andrey Ryvkine. With representation throughout Europe, the CIS and Asia, Mabius utilizes a unique methodology to screen and validate successful projects in food and FMCG segments. Startups receive mentoring and online project support, corporations get access to validated, market researched projects and a transparent methodology and a real time project monitoring system, and investors a clear, birds eye view of the next big thing, also benefiting from complete online transparency of the whole startup to star product process.

Startizen is an online community for talented people, universities and business around the world to get a business education, build a dream team, get access to the worldwide events, raise money for the project and participate in the business activities of the global companies. Our mission is to build the infrastructure to encourage and educate talented people around the world to create businesses that impact the life of others with the help of our methodology that combines 3 powerful instruments: collaboration network, feedback system and e-university.

CroudFactory is global leading tool for validation of market opportunity of new products and services for startups and SMEs around the World. Compared to traditional research agencies CroudFactory: • Delivers results extremely fast. An online order takes one week to complete. • Is 5-10 times cheaper than a traditional agency. We automated the entire proccess making it fast and efficient; • Is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Validate new product when it is most convenient for the producer.

Acentri is a promising foodtech startup. Its goal is to dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of retail merchandising combining a shared economy approach with mobile and computer recognition technologies. Acentri enables food companies to: • share merchandising costs,, reducing transportation of merchandisers between stores; • increase effectiveness of a merchandiser’s workload with a smart scheduling process, that appoints visits only to the stores that actually have problems with product presentation; • crowdsource data on product presentation from customers in a cost efficient way, allowing to use smart scheduling for mobile employees; • improve efficiency of mobile employees’ visits to stores applying computer recognition to analyze product presentation and shelf competition.

Acentri was launched in 2015 and works with FMCG-companies such as NMGK and Bonafide.

Chain of market and street gourmet bistros – headed by chef and entrepreneur Andrey Ryvkine. Having already catered for guests in Moscow’s Red October nouveau art and entertainment cluster, in 2014 the pop up appeared at the VDNKH ice rink. Currently, Andrey prefers street formats and at the start of 2015 he premiered the first bistro in Moscow’s Danilovsky market, following with another branch at the Central Market in 2017, as well as with locations in Shanghai and Singapore coming soon. United Kitchen bistros will showcase Mabius backed products, providing a test market platform. From 2015 Ivan Sidorok became an investor in United Kitchen.

About Ivan

Having grown his family business from a regional consumer brand, to a global trading and FMCG business with over $2b annual turnover through a joint venture with agriculture giant Wilmar International– Wilmar Nizhny Delta, Mr Sidorok is an active participant in philanthropy and charity, supporting artists and sports personalities, and supports the impact investment strategy for sustainable development both in social and economical terms.

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