About Ivan

Having grown his family business from a regional consumer brand, to a global trading and FMCG business with over $2b annual turnover through a joint venture with agriculture giant Wilmar International– Wilmar Nizhny Delta, Mr Sidorok is an active participant in philanthropy and charity, supporting artists and sports personalities, and supports the impact investment strategy for sustainable development both in social and economical terms. As Chairman of Enactus Russia, he provides insight and support to the Region’s aspiring future leaders, enabling them to contribute to making our planet a better place.

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YouTube reallity show Meallions: S01E01

The first episode! And a historic moment indeed. Watch and familiarize yourself with our contestants as we jump right into mastering the food startup skills. We’ve finished filming the first stage of the competition already, so subscribe to our YouTube channel to see who will be the lucky four that...

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Camera, action: filming of Meallions in Riga

Just around a month ago, from the beginning of February until the 5th of March, we have been filming the first 8 episodes of the Meallions Show in Latvia. We chose a fancy loft in a used-to-be boiler house as our filming location. The participants would arrive every morning to...

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Dreaming bigger

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